Hermann Kft. Fegyvernek

The plant construction began in her arms at the end of 2005, while production in 2006, the opening took place in August. Thanks to the continuous development of the past few years, is now going on two shop floor production. The floor area of ​​480 m2 Plant I, which also includes 135 m2 of social premises including office buildings, while the operating II. floor area of ​​768 m2, which also includes a maintenance workshop occupies. The chemicals and hazardous wastes gyűjtésérére 76 m2 of hazardous waste and material storage warehouse. 537 m2 warehouse for the year 2012 prepared raw and finished products storage, which also includes a new social room.
Operating three shifts happening in the surface treatment of substances for which three (two alkaline and one acid) horganyozó-, a eloxáló- a (manganese and zinc) phosphating, respectively. a series of electrochemical polishing is available. The production management professionals with decades of experience are contributing.
We are at existing and potential partners available to their requests for quotations by fax or e-mail us send us a drawing and / or exact size, or the surface material to be treated. the specification of surface treatment. We are prepared to offer at short notice, respectively. samples are required to undertake in ratings surface treatment free of charge.