The Hermann Ltd. Founded in 1999, privately held company is 100%, primarily engaged in surface treatment of metals (galvanic galvanizing, zinc and mangánfoszfátozás aluminum anodizing and stainless steel polishing). The company Mezőtúr, established under the Szolnok road number 79. battery and seat, and in 2006 the site has been prepared for her weapon. At present, the plant Mezőtúr - Tibor Kenya core executive - led Hermann Mezőtúr Ltd., while the weapons, Kun F. road sites operated under No. 9. Hermann Kft.
Our services are primarily offered to those product manufacturers with high quality - in some cases - special class requirements galvanizing, phosphate and anodized coating or coating system are needed. Our work in three shifts, Extra carried out at short notice - the satisfaction of our partners.
In order to raise the standard of service activities and the protection of our environment we built and operated to ISO 9001: 2009 Quality Management and ISO 14001: 2005 Environmental management systems.
We are at existing and potential partners available to their requests for quotations by fax or e-mail us send us a drawing and / or exact size, or the surface material to be treated. the specification of surface treatment. We are prepared to offer at short notice, respectively. samples are required to undertake in ratings surface treatment free of charge.