Electrochemical polishing

Electrochemical polishing: The procedure shows the reversal of the galvanic process. The DC current through the electrolyte to the anode connected to a specific work piece surface of metal debris. During the procedure only stainless steel (non-magnetic) pieces of polishing can be performed. In contrast to the mechanically-worked surfaces, the benefits of electrochemical polished materials and clearly detected in many ways.
• Smooth surfaces
• high rozsdaállóság
• metallic chemical purity and passivity
• optimum cleanability
Maximum polished Size: 300 x 700 x 300th
We are at existing and potential partners available to their requests for quotations by fax or e-mail us send us a drawing and / or exact size, or the surface material to be treated. the specification of surface treatment. We are prepared to offer at short notice, respectively. samples are required to undertake in ratings surface treatment free of charge.